[mpiwg-rma] Default value of accumulate_ops info key

Joseph Schuchart schuchart at hlrs.de
Fri Nov 2 10:08:37 CDT 2018


While working on a code that makes use of MPI accumulate operations, I 
stumbled upon reading the description of the `accumulate_ops` info key. 
The standard (v3.1) states "The default is same_op_no_op." My 
interpretation is that this is the value used if the info key is not 
specified (based on my understanding of the term `default`). How would I 
specify my intent to use any accumulate operation? From looking at one 
implementation, the default is to expect the use of any operation but 
that seems inconsistent and confusing for users.

I remember the discussion of a proposal for v4.0 to add `any_op` in a 
recent phone conference but I couldn't find that proposal anywhere 
online. Would it be possible to fix this issue in v3.2 by removing the 
sentence quoted above?

On another note: Based on the invitation sent out by Pavan Balaji I 
tried to join the biweekly phone conference on Monday last week (10/22) 
at 2pm central time but the conference room was empty. Is this still the 
current schedule? Maybe I just got the timezones messed up?

Many thanks in advance,
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