[mpiwg-rma] Atomicity of Accumulates

Simon Schwitanski simon.schwitanski at rwth-aachen.de
Wed Aug 16 04:24:58 CDT 2017


I have got a question about the atomicity of accumulate operations as
described in 11.7.1. It says (page 461, lines 8 - 11):

> The previous correctness conditions imply that a location updated by a
> call to an accumulate operation cannot be accessed by a load or an RMA
> call other than accumulate until the accumulate operation has completed
> (at the target).

I am a little bit confused about what this actually means: Does it mean
that local load accesses on the target are (somehow) delayed if there is
an ongoing accumulate operation to the same location? Or does it just
mean that concurrent load accesses are forbidden and lead to undefined
behavior? And why does this not hold for store accesses?



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