[mpiwg-rma] Draft MPI RMA chapter update

Kawashima, Takahiro t-kawashima at jp.fujitsu.com
Thu May 7 02:36:55 CDT 2015

On page 46 line 16 (cited below), 'MPI_Win_lock' should be upper-case 'MPI_WIN_LOCK'.

     Starts an RMA access epoch. The window at the process with rank rank can be accessed
   by RMA operations on win during that epoch. Multiple RMA access epochs (with calls
   to MPI_Win_lock) can occur simultaneously; however, each access epoch much target a
   different process.

Takahiro Kawashima,

> Attached is an update to the RMA chapter.  This does not introduce or change any features; it simply corrects some language and appearance (spacing) and removes a few errors in the text.  New text is in red; deletions are not shown.  Also attached is the svn diff for these items.  The chapter authors reached consensus on these; we have a list of things that the RMA group should discuss at the next meeting.  Also note, because of the short time left, the other chapter authors have not had a chance to review these - any errors are mine.
> If you find a problem with these updates (not just awkward wording, or a new problem), respond to the whole group so that we can discuss it as quickly as possible.
> Bill

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