[mpiwg-rma] Inconsistency of MPI_WIN_FENCE semantic

Zhao, Xin xinzhao3 at illinois.edu
Tue Feb 25 20:41:25 CST 2014

Hi all,

There is an inconsistency of MPI_WIN_FENCE semantic in MPI 3.0 Standard that makes me confused:

(1) On P440-P441 it say that "RMA operations on win started by a process after the fence call returns will access their target window only after MPI_WIN_FENCE has been called by the target process". This requires MPI_WIN_FENCE that starts an epoch to act as an barrier.

(2) However, (1) contradict with the word at end of P441: "a call to MPI_WIN_FENCE that is known not to end any epoch (in particular a call with assert equal to MPI_MODE_NOPRECEDE) does not necessarily act as a barrier".

Should the word of (1) add: "when MPI_MODE_NOPRECEDE is not given"?



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