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#398: request-based remote completion for RMA
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Comment (by jhammond):

 Summary of working group (WG) discussion:

 * The justification of fine-grain remote completion was determined to be
 weak by multiple members of the WG.  The two uses were stated to be CAF
 2.0 and Charm++.  Members of the WG could not come up with a strong
 performance motivation i.e. could not come up with a hardware scenario
 where separation of remote completion would measurably improve

 * Brian did not like multiple requests and proposed instead to have a
 single request for a new function that would have end-to-end completion
 semantics, i.e. the completion of the request would correspond to
 '''both''' local and remote completion - no separation of local and remote
 completion is available.

 * Pavan and others believe that nonblocking flush is sufficient to address
 the major issue at hand, which is that blocking flush causes problems.

 * Jim and others believe that returning a request from {{{IWIN_FLUSH} and
 then testing on it is the wrong way to do this and proposes instead to add
 {{{WIN_TEST}}}, which has different semantics than {{{IWIN_FLUSH}}}.  In
 particular, there is no request to be managed.

 * Jeff, Brian and possibly Jim thought that there might be some value in
 adding a SHMEM-like {{{PUT}}} to the MPI standard, which is a Put that
 blocks on local completion so as to eliminate the need for two function
 calls to achieve this effect.  This feature was determined to be out-of-
 scope w.r.t. this ticket and in need of its own ticket if the WG wishes to
 pursue it.

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