[Mpi3-rma] RMA chapter for quick review

Bronis R. de Supinski bronis at llnl.gov
Fri Mar 11 18:59:28 CST 2011


>> [1, 35-38]: In the list: "MPI_PUT (remote write), MPI_GET (remote read),
>> [and] MPI_ACCUMULATE (remote update), MPI_GET_ACCUMULATE,
>> (remote read and update), MPI_COMPARE_AND_SWAP (remote atomic swap
>> it is odd that a subset of the operations have parenthetical expressions
>> that indicate the nature of the functionality. Either all operations
>> should be followed with a parenthetical explanation or none of them.
>> The right solution is probably to reformat into a list with each
>> item being the group of operations that provide functionality of the
>> same nature (e.g., I am guessing that MPI_GET and MPI_RGET are both
>> remote read operations). Initially I thought the ones that are not
>> followed by a parenthetical expression were being grouped with the
>> following one that has the parenthetical expression (so MPI_GET_ACCUMULATE
>> is a remote read and update operation). However, the list ends with
>> several operations with no following parenthetical expression. Anyway,
>> the implicit grouping is unclear. Making it explicit would be better.
>> It would also simplify how the following sentence ("When a reference is
>> made to “accumulate” operations in this chapter, it refers to the
>> following operations: MPI_ACCUMULATE, MPI_GET_ACCUMULATE,
> Ok, I added the descriptions to the R-operations.

Hmm. the more I thought about the more I though this would
be better as a bulleted list, like the one about the types
of collective operations. I think that instead of "The
following communication calls are provided:" (etc.) something
like this would be best:


One-sided operations can be classified as follows:

* Remote read: MPI_GET, MPI_RGET;

* Remote write: MPI_PUT, MPI_RPUT;


* Remote read and update: MPI_GET_ACCUMULATE, MPI_FETCH_AND_OP,

* Remote atomic swap operations: MPI_COMPARE_AND_SWAP.

This chapter refers to operations set that includes all remote
update, remote read and update, and remote atomic swap operations
as “accumulate” operations.


This version makes it much clearer that grouping is intended
and makes the definition of accumulate operations simpler.
It also makes it clearer that the ommission of an 
MPI_RCOMPARE_AND_SWAP operation is intentional.


>> [2, 12] Use active voice: "However, support for asynchronous communication
>> agents in software (handlers, threads, etc.) might be needed, for certain
>> RMA functions, in a distributed memory environment." => "However, certain
>> RMA functions might need support for asynchronous communication agents in
>> software (handlers, threads, etc.) in a distributed memory environment."
> I'll defer this one for now because it doesn't seem essential and it's a
> macro-mess :).

I'm not sure that I understand.

> Generally, I fear that it will be a lot of work if we're trying to fix
> all the little wording things in the OS chapter. Many of them (most of
> the ones you found) have been there since MPI-2 and are in the places
> that we didn't want to touch. It might be better to not apply such
> changes at this point so that reviewers can focus on the semantic
> changes (and not have colored sections all over the document).

Hmm. I will need to read through the whole chapter in order
to vote on the changes. In that process, I will hit these
types of corrections. How would you prefer that we handle them?


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