[Mpi3-rma] Notes from RMA working group concall, Dec 9, 2008

Rajeev Thakur thakur at mcs.anl.gov
Tue Dec 9 11:24:13 CST 2008

Rajeev, Darius, Dave Goodell, Argonne
Bill Gropp, UIUC
Rich, Vinod, ORNL
Jesper, Hubert, NEC
Robert Blackmore, Su Huang, IBM
Howard Pritchard, Cray
Christian Bell, Myricom
Someone from PNNL (missed the name)
I may have missed others

* Discussion on issues with non-cache-coherent systems. Vinod is
  preparing a presentation for the next Forum mtg. He needs
  input from vendors who have (or will have) systems that are not
  cache coherent or have special memory features.

* Vinod is updating the existing proposal and will send out a new
  version before the Forum mtg.

* Vinod will check with Dan Bonachea if he can attend next mtg and his
  thoughts on current proposal.

* Discussion on how does the target know of completion. Vinod will
  clarify further in new version of proposal and FAQ.

* Long discussion on how to represent the target address. Currently it
  is directly provided as a (void *), which won't work
  everywhere. There was some consensus that it needs to be an object
  of some kind. Care must be taken about scalability issues (don't
  want a process to a hold a list of everyone's addresses).

* Ticket 35 (datatype and Op registration) and 37 (examples describing
  synchronization semantics) were briefly discussed. Jesper will make
  a presentation on 35 at the Forum mtg. Rajeev said having examples
  like in #37 is a good thing; we need to make sure they are correct 
  (he thinks they are).

If I have missed anything, please add.


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