[mpiwg-persistence] Partitioned Communication Ticket

Grant, Ryan Eric (-EXP) regrant at sandia.gov
Wed Oct 30 19:37:30 CDT 2019

Hi Everyone,

The changes requested from today's virtual meeting are now in the working group repo.

Please note that the most controversial line in the chapter is now changed, my first try at the new matching description is as follows:

Order: Matching follows MPI matching rules with communicator, tag and source dictating
message matching. In the event that communicator, tag and source cannot differentiate
between messages, the order in which independent partitioned communication initialization
calls are made is the order in which they will eventually match.

Example 4.3.3 is also new. The remainder of the changes are minor and detailed in the commit log. PDF of the chapter is attached.

Any feedback is appreciated.


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