[mpiwg-persistence] Accepting Virtual Meeting for Partitioned Communication for October 30, 2019

Skjellum, Anthony Tony-Skjellum at utc.edu
Thu Oct 17 17:37:57 CDT 2019

Martin, Ryan Grant and I agree to accept October 30 for the Virtual meeting on the Partitioned Communication proposal.

We plan to issue an update after that on November 6 or 7, and give everyone any extra few days before the 2-week deadline
to absorb changes we might make based on the virtual meeting.

This level of care is designed to make the actual reading quite smooth in December, but we need everyone who might object or have concerns to home in on the virtual meeting and the pre-final version a week later ... please help us promote this approach to preview before the 2-week deadline.

The chapter/proposal is looking quite good at this point, IMHO.


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