[mpiwg-persistence] Notes from WG meeting 28th May 2019

HOLMES Daniel d.holmes at epcc.ed.ac.uk
Tue May 28 16:25:22 CDT 2019

Hi Ryan,

Here are my notes from the WG meeting today:

Define channel - for all usages throughout the spec (existing and proposed).

Example: use variables for tag, dest, etc parameters in the Psend_init call
Example: use variables for tag, dest, etc parameters in the Precv_init call

Example: typo for MPI_Pstart - should be MPI_Start and should not end with brace

Example: typo for &xfer_type in the Psend_init call - use just xfer_type instead
Example: typo for &xfer_type in the Precv_init call - use just xfer_type instead
Example: typo for &request and &i in the Pready call - use just request and i instead
Example: typo for &part in the Pwait call - use just part instead

Question: can partitioned receive match with any other send than the partitioned send it matched with during initialisation? No.

Question: how does datatype describe complex layouts?
Answer: it does not - it is the same as I/O with eType == xfer_type and fileType == contig

Suggestion: add an MPI_Info parameter to both MPI_Psend_init and MPI_Precv_init

Example: typo for amp parallel for (the for is missing)

Example: tasks need to use different values for i in Pready

Suggestion: mandate exactly one call to Pready for each partition between start and wait

Suggestion: partition parameters must be consistent - either int or MPI_Count

Note: there is room for (and potential use-cases for) Psendv_init (Pavan’s case) and Psendw_init (Rich’s case)

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