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Daniel Holmes dholmes at epcc.ed.ac.uk
Tue May 5 09:27:44 CDT 2015

Hi All,

We (Jim and I) have made some progress on the communicator assertions 
effort! The new ticket 476 (see below) has a new version of the MPI 
Standard with changes designed to

  * oblige the user to comply with any INFO keys applied to any MPI
    object or operation - turning all hints into assertions/promises
  * prevent the propagation of INFO keys during MPI_COMM_DUP and
    MPI_COMM_IDUP operations - to protect legacy libraries from have
    their allowed behaviour being restricted by non-library code

We intend to read this at the face-to-face meeting in June.

Please review the marked-up changes in the document. Any comments, 
suggestions, word-smithing can be sent by email. Jim has offered to run 
the teleconference meeting on Monday 11th May at 11am CDT so that the WG 
can review and approve this text before the formal reading notice deadline.



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#476: Allow Application Behavior Hints in Info Keys
Reporter:  jdinan                    |                  Owner:  jdinan
     Type:  Text (only) changes       |                 Status:  new
Priority:  Not ready / author        |              Milestone:  2015/06/01
   rework                             |  Chicago, USA
  Version:  MPI 4.0                   |             Resolution:
Keywords:                            |  Implementation status:  Unnecessary
Changes (by jdinan):

  * cc: dholmes (added)

Old description:

New description:

  See attached proposal.


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