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I’ve got some comments on the info keys tickets – do you prefer to have the discussion in the tickets or on the mailing list (so that the ticket is more readable as a proposal “draft”) ?


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Hi All,

At the last telco meeting, Jim asked for a to-do list of the tasks needed to move communicator assertions forward. Please find below a first draft of such a task list. Could we agree that this is a good list? If you see something odd/missing, reply to this email group.

To-do list for communicator assertions

0) Gather evidence to support "no-one will be affected by backwards incompatibility".
   (e.g. chase Pavan, who volunteered to do this for major MPICH users)
1) Change behaviour of MPI_COMM_DUP so that INFO keys are *not* propagated to new comm.
   (include AtoU: if you want to dup INFO use MPI_COMM_DUP_WITH_INFO, with example)
2) Discuss whether attributes (plus, anything else?) should be propagated by MPI_COMM_DUP.
   (default presumption is yes, they should still be propagated).
3) Find all occurrence of language in the MPI Standard that suggests INFO keys are hints.
a) Change or remove any generic statements like "INFO keys cannot change semantics".
   (e.g. change to "cannot change observable semantics" or remove)
b) For each occurrence, determine if it should continue to suggest hint status
   (e.g. a particular key, most likely for the I/O keys but maybe also some RMA keys)

A) Convert ticket 381 into "make comm assertions doable" proposal (by Jun 2015 - Chicago?)
B) Get "no wildcard" INFO keys proposal ready for formal reading (by Jun 2015 - Chicago?)
C) Get "no ordering" INFO key proposal ready for formal reading (by Jun 2015 - Chicago?)
D) Get "no cancel" INFO keys proposal ready for formal reading (by Jun 2015 - Chicago?)
E) Discuss other INFO key proposals, e.g. "only wildcard", "no non-blocking", "no underflow"

On 13/03/2015 19:22, Daniel Holmes wrote:
Hi All,

The next point-to-point teleconference will be on Monday 16th March 2015 at 11am Central US via webex.

Connection details are on the point-to-point wiki page:

1) "Can INFO keys change the semantic behaviour of MPI?" issue - following the discussion at the face-to-face meeting, we seem to have a workable way forward on this issue!
2) New communicator INFO keys - it looks like these will be allowed, so we should define a few and get a proposal ready for the next face-to-face meeting
3) Progress on Arecv and Fsend or ReceiveReduce?
4) Other stuff?



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