[mpiwg-p2p] Next meeting: 8th June 2015 11am Central US

Balaji, Pavan balaji at anl.gov
Mon Jun 8 15:25:20 CDT 2015

Hi Dan,

Unfortunately, I'm on travel and won't be able to attend this call.  Can someone else help discuss these tickets?

For #479 and #480, they are both added for completeness.  It's not necessary that they both be voted in.  The WG could, for example, recommend that we drop one and only pursue the other.  #479 is more of a "best effort" proposal for send cancel (basically the same state as we are in today with MPI implementations).  #480 simply drops that ability, so there's no more send cancel.


  -- Pavan

Pavan Balaji

From: Daniel Holmes
Organization: EPCC
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Date: Monday, June 8, 2015 at 4:13 AM
To: MPI Point To Point WG, Pavan Balaji
Subject: Next meeting: 8th June 2015 11am Central US

Hi all,

The next point-to-point teleconference will be today on Monday 8th June 2015 at 11am Central US via webex.

Connection details are on the point-to-point wiki page:

1) Ticket #476: "Can INFO keys change the semantic behaviour of MPI?" issue - the communicator assertions ticket was presented at the June Forum meeting and we got some useful feedback that we should discuss.

2) Tickets #478, #479, #480: "everything you ever wanted to know about MPI send cancel, plus a whole lot more" [new!]

3) New communicator INFO keys - it looks like these will be allowed, so we should define a few and get a proposal ready for the next face-to-face meeting

4) Progress on Arecv and Fsend or ReceiveReduce?

5) Other stuff?


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Hi Dan,

I'd like to bring the following tickets forward to be vetted by the pt2pt WG before taking it to the Forum.  Can you schedule some time for these in the WG telecon?  When is the next telecon?



  -- Pavan

Pavan Balaji

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