[mpiwg-p2p] Errata to MPI-3.0 and MPI-3.1 about MPI_WAIT

Richard Graham richardg at mellanox.com
Mon Dec 28 06:32:46 CST 2015

Just saw this, but not sure I agree with the correction.  What actually happens is implementation dependent, but the handle the user sees is indeed MPI_REQUEST_NULL.


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Subject: [mpiwg-p2p] Errata to MPI-3.0 and MPI-3.1 about MPI_WAIT

Dear pt-2-pt WG and all,

In the description of MPI_WAIT,
MPI-3.1 page 53 line 24-25 and
MPI-3.0 page 53 line 27-28 reads

  Any other type of request is
  and the request handle is set to MPI_REQUEST_NULL.

but it should read

  Any other type of request is deallocated
  and the request handle is set to MPI_REQUEST_NULL.

This corrected text was voted into MPI-3.0 through ticket 321.
The missing "deallocated" is a "typo" probably during the implementation of this ticket before MPI-3.0 was published. 

Ticket 321:
page 54, lines 14-18. 

This is a request for an erratum for MPI-3.1, which also applies to MPI-3.0.

Best regards

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