[Mpi3-p2p] [FW:] [Mpi3-wgleads] Call for time slots at the next meeting

Ron Brightwell rbbrigh at sandia.gov
Wed Jun 4 10:49:01 CDT 2008

Let me know if you need time for the working group or with the forum for
any p2p proposal discussion.


> From: Richard Graham <rlgraham at ornl.gov>
> Subject: [Mpi3-wgleads] Call for time slots at the next meeting
> In preparation for our next meeting, June 30 - July 2nd in Menlo Park, I
> need the following items from each of you:
>   - The time slots you need for wg meetings
>   - Requests for items to be brought before the full forum
> Also, there is interest in seeing if we can get users to come to the meeting
> for a short time, to be briefed on our current (still being hatched) plans.
> If we do indeed go ahead with this, I will ask each of you to have about a
> 10 minute presentation (up from 5) at the beginning of the meeting to brief
> both the Forum and the users of current status and plans.
> Thanks,
> Rich

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