[MPI3-IO] Fault Tolerance and I/O update

Aurélien Bouteiller bouteill at icl.utk.edu
Tue Jul 9 15:48:36 CDT 2013

Dear members of the I/O working group. 

At the last Forum in San Jose, we met with Mohamed to discuss the current state of the Fault Tolerance Chapter  proposal regarding I/O operations. We would like to continue this discussion and give the opportunity for more people to participate. 

The following minute page from our last FT working group phone call summarizes the latest issues on I/O and our current standing. 

Please let me know if you have any comments. Maybe a shared phone call with the FT WG would help stir the discussion.

Aurelien & the FT working group. 

* Dr. Aurélien Bouteiller
* Researcher at Innovative Computing Laboratory
* University of Tennessee
* 1122 Volunteer Boulevard, suite 309b
* Knoxville, TN 37996
* 865 974 9375

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