[MPI3-IO] [EXTERNAL] New MPI-IO routines

Lofstead, Gerald F II gflofst at sandia.gov
Thu May 24 16:07:44 CDT 2012

This really brings up why I asked about doing it more generally. I think
this is worth doing, but it should probably be done in a broader context
to get much wider discussion about the implications of offering an
operating mode that is ordered asynchronous. This may address issues in
other areas of the MPI spec.


On 5/24/12 3:01 PM, "Rob Latham" <robl at mcs.anl.gov> wrote:

>See, now you have a list of options, and you show them to someone like
>Dries and he says either "you forgot about XYZ" or "oh, i see now, all
>of those are gross"
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