[mpiwg-hybridpm] Invitation to Tools WG session

William Williams william.williams at mailbox.tu-dresden.de
Mon Jun 13 02:16:18 CDT 2022

Hi folks,

On behalf of the Tools WG, I’d like to invite any HACC folks who are interested in discussing possible tools interfaces for MPI accelerator bindings to the Tools WG regularly scheduled meeting on Thursday, 23 June, at 10am Forum Time/5PM UTC+2. If you’re interested and need access to the working group’s GitHub for the current Zoom link (new one for 2022), please ping Marc-Andre and he’ll get you sorted out.

This is not intended to replace, but to augment/prepare for, later discussion of such interfaces by HACC. A rough outline of topics as I see them:

1. Activity APIs: what are they and what implementations do they fit?
2. What implementations do not require (or functionally forbid) a separate tools interface?
3. Will we (tool developers) get sufficient information from P/QMPI on the CPU bindings only? If not, what else do we need/how do we remedy this?

Hope to see at least some of you there!

Bill Williams
Wiss. Mitarbeiter
ZIH-IAK, TU-Dresden
Falkenbrunnen, Room 009
Chemnitzer Straße 50
01187 Dresden
Phone:  +49 351 463-39976
e-mail:   william.williams at mailbox.tu-dresden.de

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