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Please make sure the ticket comment captures today's discussion.


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#381: Communicator info keys
                  Reporter:  jdinan  |                          Owner:
                      Type:          |  jdinan
  Enhancements to standard           |                         Status:
                  Priority:  Not     |  assigned
  ready / author rework              |                      Milestone:
                   Version:  MPI     |  2013/03/11 Chicago, USA
  <next>                             |                     Resolution:
                  Keywords:  hybrid  |          Implementation status:
        Author: Bill Gropp:  0       |  Unnecessary
        Author: Adam Moody:  0       |            Author: Rich Graham:  0
     Author: Dick Treumann:  0       |        Author: Torsten Hoefler:  0
    Author: George Bosilca:  0       |  Author: Jesper Larsson Traeff:  0
Author: Bronis de Supinski:  0       |             Author: David Solt:  0
      Author: Jeff Squyres:  0       |          Author: Rajeev Thakur:  0
 Author: Rolf Rabenseifner:  0       |      Author: Alexander Supalov:  0

Comment (by jhammond):

 The WG discussion today led to the following conclusions:
 - It will be hard to implement this in a Forum-convincing way right now,
 and certainly for the MPI-3.1 deadline.
 - Without experience and existing implementations, it is hard to know if
 we are doing this exactly right.
 - A good way to move things forward is to write a paper about this topic
 and tries to convince pre-standard implementations.

 (WG members should feel free to revise this as appropriate.)

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