[Mpi3-hybridpm] new text for MPI_INIT/MPI_FINALIZE

Darius Buntinas buntinas at mcs.anl.gov
Thu Feb 2 13:30:36 CST 2012

Hi Marc,

Page 317, line 18:  Can we change that to:
"Each MPI process must call an MPI initialization routine, MPI_INIT or MPI_INIT_THREAD, exactly once."
The way it's currently written seems a little awkward to me.

P318 L7:  I know you're not changing the current meaning, but that sentence seems to mean that processes must call MPI_FINALIZE if it calls MPI_ABORT.  I suspect the idea is that a program that calls MPI_ABORT does not "exit" but rather "aborts," but the way it's written appears contradictory to me.  Can we change that to:
"Unless there has been a call to MPI_ABORT, before each process exits, the process must call MPI_FINALIZE.  Each process must ensure that all pending nonblocking communications are (locally) complete before calling MPI_FINALIZE."

P320, L1:  Here you're adding the requirement that the MPI implementation must track any object it allocates.  MPICH currently keeps track most objects (maybe all), but I don't think we should force that on an implementation.  I feel users should clean up after themselves; any good programmer already does.  Also, this requirement would mean that a buffer allocated with MPI_MEM_ALLOC is freed at MPI_FINALIZE.  Do we really want to do that?


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