[Mpi3-hybridpm] endpoint proposal [helper threads proposal updated]

Douglas Miller dougmill at us.ibm.com
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I have also attached an updated version of the Helper Threads proposal to
Ticket #217 , to which there is a link from the MPI3 Hybrid Programming
wiki. This includes some performance graphs for the BG/P Collective network
showing its need for multiple threads.

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I attached a new version of the proposal on the wiki: main.2.pdf<

Main changes:

Changed the initialization functions as discussed in Chicago

Added the COMM_MERGE functionality we discussed (page 20-23)

Got rid of the new header files for OpenMP and PGAS

Points to discuss:

Page 10
The issue of threads being attached by default to endpoint 0 for backward
compatibility. Need to discuss the current solution (an extra
initialization argument) vs. the option of having all threads attached by
default to endpoint 0.

The issue of common level of thread support: common to all endpoints, to
all endpoints at a process, different for each endpoint.

Page 12 -- do we want cached attributes with endpoints?

Page 20 -- do we want MPI_COMM_MERGE? Useful but takes a while to explain

Page 35 & 37 - PGAS initialization (we never went over this text)

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