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#211: MPI3 Hybrid Programming: multiple endpoints per collective, option 4
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                    Priority:  Not ready / author rework  |                   Milestone:  2010/01/19 Atlanta, USA
                     Version:  MPI 3.0                    |                    Keywords:                         
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Comment(by dougmill@…):

 This would probably require a barrier as part of the
 MPI_Endpoint_attach_helper call, and including the master thread. since
 the master would not want to start communications until all helper threads
 were available.  Or, perhaps the master knows how many threads to expect,
 and can give that information to MPI such that the implementation can just
 spawn the extra work and it will complete when the other threads attach as
 helpers. But, this would also probably require knowledge of exactly which
 endpoints are expected to become helpers, since those specific endpoints
 would be the targets for spawned work.

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