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#208: MPI3 Hybrid Programming: multiple endpoints per collective, option 1
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                        Type:  Enhancements to standard   |                      Status:  new                    
                    Priority:  Not ready / author rework  |                   Milestone:  2010/01/19 Atlanta, USA
                     Version:  MPI 3.0                    |                    Keywords:                         
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Comment(by dougmill@…):

 An underlying assumption here is that MPI_Wait(et al.) has the same affect
 on progress as MPI_Endpoint_leave. Thus, a program that makes calls to
 MPI_Wait-like functions will be also making progress on any work assigned
 to that endpoint from other endpoints - in addition to making progress on
 any work related to explicit communications started on that endpoint. The
 MPI_Endpoint_leave call is used to ensure that all 3rd-party work is
 completed before leaving a communication phase, but that could include
 explicit communications as well - i.e. the MPI_Endpoint_leave could
 replace and MPI_Wait that waits for all requests.

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