[mpiwg-ft] FTWG Topic Today?

Laguna Peralta, Ignacio lagunaperalt1 at llnl.gov
Wed Nov 7 13:04:43 CST 2018

I agree with the idea. We should create a ticket (or tickets) for the 
more generic fault-tolerance solutions. Ideally these should be FT 
building blocks on which specific recovery models, such as ULFM, Global 
Restart (Reinit), and/or FA-MPI can be built on later.

I hope to contribute to this too.


On 11/7/18 6:36 AM, Bland, Wesley via mpiwg-ft wrote:
> Hi folks,
> Is there anything to discuss on the call today? I think Aurelien is making edits from the last virtual meeting before another reading at the face-to-face in December.
> As a reminder, the other topic that we’ve started, but not made a lot of progress on (I hope to contribute some time here soon) is to start separating out the intro (non-ULFM specific) text from the process fault tolerance chapter and creating a separate ticket for that.
> I think all of this is work that can go on outside of the con call unless Aurelien wants to have a discussion about the current ticket today.
> Thanks,
> Wesley
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