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Bland, Wesley wesley.bland at intel.com
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There were a couple of things discussed at the face to face last week in a plenary with the intention to speed up progress in the forum, particularly with large topics (fault tolerance, sessions, endpoints, etc.). If you weren't present, I'd highly recommend flipping through the presentation:


And notes:


The items most relevant to us are: meeting frequency and video calls. First, it was suggested that WGs should increase their meeting frequency to weekly meetings in order to not lose all of our progress between meetings. Personally, I can definitely empathize with forgetting everything that happened between meetings, particularly if I have to miss one. So I propose that we meet every week at the same time now (Wednesday at 3:00 PM EST), rather than every other week. We were already meeting this week. I know some will probably have to miss because of EuroMPI, but I think most of us aren't there).

Second, and this one is going to be a bit weird for some folks, is that we start using the video feature of these con calls. This is something that Jeff Squyres in particular was in favor of after seeing how much impact it had when Cisco started using video for its own internal calls. I've done a few calls with forum folks since, and I agree that it does improve the productivity of the meeting. I assume that the Xoom software we're using right now will support video so I'd like to start this tomorrow as well.

We can have a discussion about these during the call tomorrow, especially for those that weren't present. There are more ideas that we worked on last week that will be considered for future adoption for the full forum (might involve rule changes), but these are a starting point. I think we all want to keep MPI going for as long as it can remain relevant and hopefully these small steps help us pick up the pace to do that.

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