[mpiwg-ft] Cancel Today's Con Call?

Bland, Wesley wesley.bland at intel.com
Wed May 24 08:54:55 CDT 2017

I don't have any new work to discuss at today's meeting and I haven't seen any activity on the GitHub page. Should we cancel today's call and try again in a couple of weeks? Just so we all know what our action items are, here a copy from the wiki page:

	• Working Group - Try to fix the deadlock problem in ULFM, either via automatic recovery or otherwise. If we do something else, we need to be able to explain why it's better than automatic recovery.
	• Working Group - Add function to the FT chapter to pick which FT model we want to use.
	• Ignacio - Write text for the backward recovery model to move forward with standardization of a second recovery model. This is probably the best way to make sure that ULFM and Reinit can live in the Standard together.

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