[mpiwg-ft] No Con Call Today (Obviously)

Bland, Wesley wesley.bland at intel.com
Tue Sep 29 16:10:40 CDT 2015

Hi all,

Sorry about not sending out a reminder for the con call today. Somehow, my calendar alarm didn’t get my attention or something.

Regardless, there was not any new news to report other than a summary of what happened at meeting last week. You can see the notes on the new wiki page:


The forum decided at the last meeting to go ahead with the move from Subversion to Git. Jeff Squyres and I are in the process of migrating the source, but in the meantime, we can go ahead with our new wiki and issues pages which will combine what were were previously doing on Trac and Bitbucket. The new GitHub page is public so anyone can view it, but if you’d like to edit, please just send me your GitHub ID and I’ll add you to the team.

Getting access to the team will also grant you access to the source of the MPI Standard. With great power comes great responsibility. By getting access, you agree to these (pretty minor) terms:

1. The source code of the MPI Standard must always be kept in a private repository. Github will enforce that this remains true for Github hosted repositories, but this must also be true for unofficial repositories hosted elsewhere (Bitbucket, GitLab, local repositories, etc.).

2. All publicly available compiled versions of the MPI Standard must include the watermarks indicating that it is a draft version of the MPI Standard and not an official version.

3. Anyone requesting access to the source code must have an account on GitHub to more easily access management.


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