[mpiwg-ft] Need GitHub User IDs

Bland, Wesley wesley.bland at intel.com
Wed Oct 7 14:59:07 CDT 2015

Hi all,

As you may or may not have heard by now, the MPI Forum is moving from SVN to Git and from Trac to GitHub. For us, this means that we’re going to port our wiki from the current Trac host to GitHub and we’ll be moving our internal work over from BitBucket to GitHub as well. As part of this, I’ll need everyone’s GitHub user accounts to give you access to the new organization. Please send me your username and I’ll add you to the new repositories.

One thing to keep in mind is that you will now have access to the full source of the MPI Standard. With great power comes great responsibility. Please don’t publish the source somewhere else publicly and if you build the source into a PDF, make sure that it includes the “draft” watermarks (on by default).

I’ve moved all of our non-ULFM tickets to the new system and I’ll hopefully have all the ULFM content moved over by our next meeting next week.

More information about the transition and timeline will come in an email to the full MPI Forum soon, but if you only participate in the FTWG, the only transition for you will be to go to http://github.com/mpiwg-ft now instead of the old Trac page.


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