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The FTWG is ready to read #324 (Clarify MPI_ERRORS_ARE_FATAL scope of abort). It's a pretty short ticket. If there's not enough time at this meeting though, it can get pushed to the following one. It's for MPI 4.0 anyway. As for WG time, it'd probably be nice to have an hour or two to talk about some of our ongoing stuff. I don't have a specific agenda, but this can overlap with whatever else is going on.


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Hi all,

I added a first agenda skeleton for the June meeting to the MPI forum website at:


The details will change, but due to the nature of the meeting (where we want to ratify MPI 3.1) some things will be different than usual. In particular, we'll start with a plenary on Monday covering the voting rules (will send a draft for those soon) and the last changes to MPI standard (this way we'll have extra time to make final fixes). Also, we'll have two voting blocks, one on Wednesday and one on Thursday. Further, we'll have the requested discussion on MPI 4.0 on Thursday morning after the votes. Please take this into account when making travel arrangements.

This will necessarily limit the time we have for WGs and other plenary issues. We can shift between these two parts as needed, but for now, I reserved a 3/4 day for each. WG chairs, please send me any requests for WG time, plenary time, reading requests and votes rather sooner than later, so we can plan accordingly.



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