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Hi all!

Wesley, thanks for the update.

Martin and Todd, there has been some work in this area of checkpoint/restart where the MPI runtime stays alive. I would like to point out Wesley’s own work (http://www.netlib.org/utk/people/JackDongarra/PAPERS/CoF-europar2012.pdf), as well as, Frank Mueller’s work (http://www.christian-engelmann.info/publications/wang07job.pdf). Also, Matttan Erez is looking at a similar approach for his containment domain work.

The original idea of the MPI Fault Tolerance Working group was to develop a proposal that allows for a multitude of solutions. I see this new “proposal” as an extension of the exiting proposal that uses a subset of its features, requiring additional system-level checkpoint/restart features (e.g. long jump and MPI state roll-back) be part of the MPI standard.



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