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Hi all,

This is more from the viewpoint of an external observer, since I haven't had the time to really participate lately.

Rich gave a presentation covering the current proposal, but he also said that this was basically the old slide deck that had been shown before and didn't contain any of the new work that the FT group has been doing in coordinating with the other WGs. There were also several questions that people asked and that we couldn't answer since Rich was the only FT group member at the meeting.

Based on this I got the feeling that many in the forum were still concerned about this overarching proposal and would like to hear more. In particular, a few meetings back after the MPI 3.0 vote we had a discussion about what was missing to make such concerns go away and one thing that we agreed on was to first go through the standard and clean things up to make it compatible with an FT proposal. From what I can tell, a lot of this has happened and it may help to explicitly present that before even going into the API approach. This (plus an updated talk with a broader discussion with more FT group members being present) may be better for the Chicago meeting than doing an actual formal reading (which may be too early since there doesn't seem to be consensus about the approach, yet).

From the application side, I have seen a few people starting to use it. One of our PDs is using it for a large MD application and there is also the following work I saw at a recent conference:


Both said that the interface is overly complex and has a very (too?) high of an impact on applications, which makes me worried. Not sure how we can address this, though.


On Sep 19, 2013, at 6:43 PM, Aurélien Bouteiller <bouteill at icl.utk.edu> wrote:

> I am currently in Europe and busy. My schedule will get back to normal in october. 
> I'm also interested in a summary of events though. 
> Aurelien
> Le 20 sept. 2013 à 00:42, Wesley Bland <wbland at mcs.anl.gov> a écrit :
>> Hi WG,
>> I've been out if the loop for a bit since my wife had our first baby last week (everyone is doing great). I was wondering how things went at the forum meeting last week. Was there any feedback from those in attendance?
>> Also, I didn't see an email about this week's con call. I assume that it didn't happen, but if it did can anyone mention what was discussed?
>> Thanks,
>> Wesley
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