[Mpi3-ft] Conference Call May 15, noon EDT

Aurélien Bouteiller bouteill at icl.utk.edu
Tue May 14 18:34:49 CDT 2013

Dear WG members,

This is a reminder that according to our planning, we are having our regular phone meeting tomorrow at noon EDT. 

Date: May 15,
Time: Noon EDT/New York
Dial-in information: 218-339-4600
Code: 623998#

Next Meetings:
* TBD??? May 29, 2013 
* June 26, 2013

* Next meeting schedule and preparation
* Fn classification efforts
* Ticket cleanup/revisit

As a reminder, I attach highlights from notes from last meeting minutes

* Doing the interface coverage of ULFM (former object classification, now fn classification), we found it is difficult to follow if a particular function is local, collective, collective on a group, or just has some remote action (or needs a matching call). In some functions, the description is explicit, but buried deep in the text and difficult to find. In some other, it is never explicit, and for some it is hard to infer from context. We propose to spin out a separate, non FT related ticket, on adding a clarification in a systematic way to all functions,  wether they are local, need a matching call, are collective, and if so on what realm they are collective. This is not specifically FT related, and is supposed to live its own life. We would like time for this plenary in the next forum. 

* I/O section has not been considered in a long time. It seems fine and we don't see a need to change it yet, but we may want to recheck with Quincy and Mohamed that we are still on the same page. 

* Argonne plans on mpich prototype implementation

* We have a number of old tickets, from MPI-3 efforts. Many are still open. Most probably they need to be closed as they have been voted down, or have become irrelevant. Some may be of some interest to continue pursuing. Wesley is to revisit them and make a short report before next FTWG confcall. 

* We still need to rebase from the MPI-3 document (we are still forked from MPI-2 repo). 

Time needed during the next forum meeting: 
* Some plenary time for fn type clarification
* Some RMA+FT WG time

* Dr. Aurélien Bouteiller
* Researcher at Innovative Computing Laboratory
* University of Tennessee
* 1122 Volunteer Boulevard, suite 309b
* Knoxville, TN 37996
* 865 974 9375

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