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Josh, on a related note, is there a con call on Feb 1 or Feb 8? by Feb 8, we will have our write-up
on the proposed alternative model done...


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During the FT plenary session at the Jan. MPI Forum meeting it was recommended that some of the members of the FT group and the RMA group have a meeting to hash out the precise details of the FT semantics for the RMA chapter. So I would like to facilitate such a discussion, preferability in the next week (so we have time to fine tune things before the next forum meeting). 

In general, we are trying to answer the question "How should RMA operations behave when a process failure occurs?" The feeling seemed to be that the current approach is ok (invalidating the window, forcing recreation/validation), but the statement that the memory exposed in the window is 'undefined' seemed excessive. The suggestion was to change the wording to something like "Only the memory associated with a window that was targeted by an operation that modified it is undefined after process failure in the group associated with the window." This lead to a considerable amount of debate in the meeting, so it was suggested that we take the discussion offline. 

Below is a link to a doodle poll to find a good time for a teleconf. If you are interested in participating in this discussion, please fill this poll out by 2 PM Eastern on Wed. Jan 25 so we can set the date/time. 


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