[Mpi3-ft] Updates to ft chapter

Darius Buntinas buntinas at mcs.anl.gov
Wed Sep 14 12:58:02 CDT 2011

I've made some changes we discussed on the phone this morning.  You can find the latest pdf here (or at the bottom of the "Modified run-through stabilization" page on the wiki): 

Here's a summary of the changes:
 * Changed MPI_ERR_RANK_FAIL_STOP to MPI_ERR_PROC_FAIL_STOP (because a "rank" doesn't fail, a "processes" does)
 * Fixed up usage of rank vs process in the chapter.
 * Removed MPI_COMM_COLLECTIVES_ENABLED function because it returns local version of a global state which is meaningless for applications.
 * Moved the definition of MPI_COMM_VALIDATE et.al. earlier in the section, and added a new subsection.

Please look over my changes, especially how I rearranged the collectives section for the definition of MPI_COMM_VALIDATE, and let me know if they look OK.


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