[Mpi3-ft] MPI 3.0 First Reading Timeline

Josh Hursey jjhursey at open-mpi.org
Thu May 26 10:05:23 CDT 2011

The Run-Through Stabilization (RTS) proposal was elected to be one of
the 3 gating features for MPI 3.0 standardization. This means that the
release of MPI 3.0 will be determined, in part, upon when this
proposal is voted on. The MPI Forum would like to wrap up the MPI 3.0
document in the next 5 meetings. The Process Recovery proposal will
continue to be pushed forward, but will likely be considered for MPI

Due to the accelerated timeline, instead of having a plenary session
on the RTS proposal in the July meeting, we will have a first reading.
2 weeks before the first reading the altered standard PDF must be
submitted for review (which is July 4).

So over the next month we need to be synthesizing the text from the
wiki and pushing it into the standard Latex format. The MPI standard
Latex is not publicly accessible, but a few of the FT WG members have
access, including myself. What we will do is post the working PDF on
the wiki, and send an email out to the list once it is ready for
review. We will use the working group mailing list to coordinate edits
to the document. The MPI Standard PDF is meant to be a concise
definition of the interface and semantics, so the current wiki page
will likely be compressed quite a bit. Many of the additional details
and examples will likely be represented in a secondary document (for
now we will collect these items on the wiki).

I will take a first pass at the initial proposal draft. I will mostly
be pushing in the necessary pieces off the wiki, and will post the PDF
no later than June 6 (hopefully before the end of next week).

Below is a rough timeline for the preparation of the standard PDF proposal:
June 6: Initial draft available
June 8: Teleconf: Discuss draft and outstanding issues
June 9-21: Revise the draft on the mailing list
June 22: Teleconf: Discuss draft progress
June 23-28: Continue to revise the draft on the mailing list
June 29: Final draft completed. (Teleconf, as needed)
June 29-July 3: Final touch ups before release to full forum, as needed
July 4: Send out final draft to MPI Forum mailing list

Once the draft is complete we need to work on a short presentation to
proceed the first reading. The idea of the presentation is to provide
the MPI Forum an introduction to the general concepts of the proposal,
and to briefly discuss some application use cases. Between July 4 and
July 18 we will be preparing the presentation, and posting (a PDF
version of) the slides to the wiki page for the group to review.

So exciting times, but a lot of writing left to do. Let me know if you
have any questions or comments on how we are proceeding forward.

Thank you for all your hard work thus far.


Joshua Hursey
Postdoctoral Research Associate
Oak Ridge National Laboratory

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