[Mpi3-ft] mpi file set view question

Howard Pritchard howardp at cray.com
Mon May 2 11:39:37 CDT 2011

Hi Folks,

Did we ever decide how mpi_file_set_view would work after
the application has MPI_File_validate_sync on the file handle?

I could see some apps wanting 'holes' for missing processes,
but then other times it might not want holes.

Could this behavior be handled by some kind of pre-defined
info key and then the app would pass that in to MPI_file_set_view
after doing the mpi_file_validate_sync? An issue I see with
this approach is there's no way to get back what the info value
was using MPI_File_get_view.


Howard Pritchard
Software Engineering
Cray, Inc.

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