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Thu Jun 23 14:03:52 CDT 2011

My only concern is that "MPI_*_VALIDATE_STATE_SIZE" makes me think
about the 'size of the state object' instead of 'the number of states
being returned'.

But I'm fine with the change if others are.

I think there was also a more general concern about the validate
function names - making them read a bit better. But I cannot find a
clear note about this issue in particular.

-- Josh

On Thu, Jun 23, 2011 at 2:46 PM, Darius Buntinas <buntinas at mcs.anl.gov> wrote:
> A few calls ago, we discussed whether to use MPI_*_VALIDATE_NUM_STATE() vs MPI_*_VALIDATE_STATE_SIZE() to return the number of entries that would be returned by MPI_*_VALIDATE_GET_STATE().
> Doing a string search through the standard reveals that there are no matches for "_num" outside other than in the FT chapter for MPI_*_VALIDATE_NUM_STATE.  On the other hand, there are many matches for "_SIZE", e.g., MPI_COMM_SIZE, MPI_PACK_SIZE, MPI_TYPE_SIZE and MPI_GROUP_SIZE.
> So based on precedence (and because I like it better), I think we should use MPI_*_VALIDATE_STATE_SIZE.
> Comments?
> -d
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