[Mpi3-ft] FT Working Group Teleconf

George R Carr Jr George.Carr at noaa.gov
Thu Jun 9 15:23:04 CDT 2011

>Would people be available to have another teleconf on June 15
>(Wednesday next week at the same time) to continue talking about the
>standard document?
>I'm concerned that with only 1 teleconf left on the schedule that we
>will not have enough time to discuss the remainder of the document in
>time for it to go out the door on July 4.

Not my first choice but I can. I may be 10-15 minutes late for the 
9AM CDT/10AM MDT start.

George R Carr Jr
U.S. Department of Commerce
Tel: 303-497-4714
Email: George.Carr at noaa.gov

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