[Mpi3-ft] radical idea?

Solt, David George david.solt at hp.com
Tue Jul 19 16:32:54 CDT 2011

This works for "reading" state, but has no way to set a processes state.  (Not sure how radical your trying to go here... is part of the change here that there would no longer be a MPI_PROC_STATE_NULL state?)

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Howard pointed out that I forgot to add a FREE operation:

        INOUT: MPI_PROC_STATE state_handle


On Jul 19, 2011, at 3:07 PM, Darius Buntinas wrote:

>    MPI_COMM_GET_STATE(comm, state_handle)
>        IN:  MPI_COMM comm
>        OUT: MPI_PROC_STATE state_handle
>    and ditto for GROUP, FILE, WIN as necessary
>    MPI_GET_PROC_STATE_SIZE(state_handle, mask, size)
>        IN:  MPI_PROC_STATE state_handle
>        IN:  int mask
>        OUT: int size
>    MPI_GET_PROC_STATE_LIST(state_handle, mask, list)
>        IN:  MPI_PROC_STATE state_handle
>        IN:  int mask
>        OUT: int list[]
>    MPI_GET_PROC_STATE_NEW(state_handle1, state_handle2, state_handle_new)
>        IN:  MPI_PROC_STATE state_handle1
>        IN:  MPI_PROC_STATE state_handle2
>        OUT: MPI_PROC_STATE state_handle_new
>    This gives newly failed processes in state_handle2 since state_handle1.

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