[Mpi3-ft] New RMA functions

Darius Buntinas buntinas at mcs.anl.gov
Thu Feb 24 11:04:12 CST 2011

Would we need to add a status object to the sync operations?  We should be able to use the return code.

We may have issues with operations that complete locally and return MPI_SUCCESS, but then later fail when they actually perform the communication, but we already have this issue with regular sends.  

I don't believe that we are making (or can make, without requiring every operation to be synchronous) the guarantee that if an operation returns MPI_SUCCESS that it was successfully delivered in the presence of a permanent failure (e.g., permanent network bisection or process failure).


On Feb 24, 2011, at 9:53 AM, Pavan Balaji wrote:

> 1. The existing PUT/GET/ACCUMULATE operations which are from MPI-2.2. They will not take a request operand, and we want to retain it that way to minimize the performance overhead. Synchronization calls (such as closing an epoch or flush/flushall) wait for their completion, but they do not return a status object currently. Adding a status object to the synchronization calls is an option, though that'll require extensive changes. But adding them to the PUT/GET/ACCUMULATE operations themselves would beat the purpose of low-overhead communication, so that might not be doable.

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