[Mpi3-ft] reenable_anysource

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Fri Dec 9 16:32:49 CST 2011

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> We've proposed MPI_Comm_reenable_anysource that returns a group
> containing the failed processes known to the process at the time of the
> failure.
> Don't we need another function for intercommunicators that returns two
> groups of failed processes: one for the local group and another for the
> remote group?
> MPI_Comm_reenable_anysource_inter? (now we're definitely over 30
> characters).

Yes, but as long as it is < 140 characters, do we really care? I mean, we could still tweet about the function ;)

(sorry, couldn't resist)

How about we have the same name and have some arg ignored?

MPI_Comm_reenable_anysource(comm, failed_local_group, failed_remote_group)

With failed_remote_group only valid if comm is inter? Or does that violate some naming convention?
> -d
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