[Mpi3-ft] FT Working Group Teleconf

Josh Hursey jjhursey at open-mpi.org
Tue Jun 1 09:48:35 CDT 2010

Reminder that we have a teleconf tomorrow, Wed 6/2/2010, at 12 noon  
EDT. This will be our last teleconf before the MPI Forum Meeting June  
14 - 16 when the piggybacking and nonblocking dynamics proposals are  
scheduled to be presented to the forum in a plenary session.

Date: June 2, 2010
Time: 12 noon EDT/New York
Dial-in information:
Code: 1044056

- Piggybacking (Greg B., George B., Darius B)
- Nonblocking Process Management (Josh H.)
- other items?

Respond to the list if you have any additional topics that you wish to  

Rich will not be able to attend, so I am covering the call setup.

-- Josh

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