[Mpi3-ft] Con call

Greg Bronevetsky bronevetsky1 at llnl.gov
Tue Feb 2 09:40:31 CST 2010

At 07:26 AM 2/2/2010, Graham, Richard L. wrote:
>We are scheduled to have a telecon tomorrow, Wed. Feb 3rd at noon 
>Eastern time.  Since we are scheduled to address piggybacking and 
>the asynchronous process management proposals in the June meeting of 
>the forum, I would like to progress these as much as we can.  Is 
>anyone doing the work in these areas prepared to continue and 
>discuss these tomorrow ?   If so, please let me know, and we will go 
>ahead and have the call.  If not, we will not proceed.
>     Piggybacking - Greg B., George B., and Darius B.
>     Async process management - Josh H.

I'll be there for piggybacking.

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