[Mpi3-ft] Question about MPI_ANY_SOURCE and process failures

Bronevetsky, Greg bronevetsky1 at llnl.gov
Thu Aug 19 13:59:40 CDT 2010

I believe that we agreed on the ANY option.

Greg Bronevetsky
Lawrence Livermore National Lab
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> err = MPI_Recv(....., rankX, ..., comm, status);
> if communication to rankX fails, this receive will return with err.
> Err = MPI_Recv(...., MPI_ANY_SOURCE, ..., comm, status);
> When does this MPI_Recv return a failure?   When ANY rank in comm is
> unreachable or when ALL ranks in comm are unreachable.   Since self is
> always reachable, the ALL option is really NEVER.
> We had been assuming ALL/NEVER but will likely change to ANY.   In such
> case, status points to the first failed rank that could have matched the
> request.
> Thanks,
> Dave
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