[Mpi3-ft] MPI Fault Tolerance scenarios

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Thanks. I think we're looking for a better solution for both implementors and users. If this includes keeping things simple, so be it. If the low-level interface can prove its worth in advanced scenarios, the better.

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Right. The low-level interface may be optional.

That would be an interesting choice for the API: provide several levels of support and for each level provide an optional lower-level API that can be used to control recovery more finely than would be possible using the default error handlers. I think that we'll need an explicit communicator rejoin API even when using built-in error handlers but at least we won't force users to manually check error codes. Having this double stack leaves me worried that the low-level API will simply get dropped because the rest of the forum will not see the need for something that complicated. However, I think we'll have a few very persuasive arguments such as the fact that checking for failures immediately after every collective will have a huge performance hit, whereas giving control to the user will make it efficient.

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