[Mpi3-ft] Topics for next telecon

Greg Bronevetsky bronevetsky1 at llnl.gov
Wed Jun 10 20:00:44 CDT 2009

For the next telecon I propose that we address the following topics.
- The piggybacking proposal was considered by the FT group several 
months ago but then got lost in a limbo between the FT group and the 
tools group. We need to discuss this proposal and the issues behind 
it so that we can figure out how to make progress on it.
- During the face-to-face discussion we began talking about the 
desired error notification semantics for collectives. The question 
is: are MPI implementations allowed to provide no error notification 
as part of their collectives, relying on calls to MPI_Validate for 
this functionality or do we expect them to report all relevant 
errors. In particular, is MPI_Barrier responsible for reporting 
failures of any members of the communicator or is it allowed to 
mis-behave in the event of failures and for example, return 
successfully even if one process failed before calling MPI_Barrier? 
If so, how do we bound the limit of such mis-behaviors?

Greg Bronevetsky
Post-Doctoral Researcher
Lawrence Livermore National Lab
(925) 424-5756
bronevetsky at llnl.gov

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