[Mpi3-ft] Today's call

Greg Bronevetsky bronevetsky1 at llnl.gov
Wed Jul 15 10:58:47 CDT 2009

At 08:06 AM 7/15/2009, Graham, Richard L. wrote:
>I need to cancel this at the last moment - my apologies.  What are 
>the items people want to address before our next face to face in two 
>weeks ?  We can do this over e-mail, or on a call.

The only thing that was hanging is the error semantics for collective 
operations. The question is: can an operation return the wrong result 
without informing the user. We've already decided that the operation 
may return successfully even if it has not succeeded globally. 
However, does this still hold if even the local result is wrong. 
During the last f2f Thorsten suggested that there may be protocols 
that can take advantage of the more relaxed semantics by allowing 
error and failure checking to be done outside the critical path. The 
results of these checks could be polled during the MPI_Validate 
calls. Is there a case for the utility of such optimizations?

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