[Mpi3-ft] Con Call on 1/4/2009

Greg Bronevetsky bronevetsky1 at llnl.gov
Tue Jan 13 10:42:03 CST 2009

>Unfortunately, for reasons out of [my] control, I did not manage to
>get the time to update the wiki and I doubt I will find any time
>before the call tomorrow. I'll have time to get back to this starting
>from tomorrow morning.
>I second your idea to cancel the call tomorrow.

I have a protocol worked out to do micro-rollbacks that will work 
well if we add to the API some kind of asynchronous event 
notification mechanism like active messages. It will work not as well 
without the extension. I'll update George's document once its posted 
so that we have a unified document that describes the problem and the 
proposed solutions.

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