[Mpi3-ft] Bi-weekly meeting

Erez Haba erezh at MICROSOFT.com
Wed Apr 22 11:07:26 CDT 2009

Do we have a meeting today? I'm dialed in and waiting on the hold music :)

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We seem to have hit a lull with respect to topics that need to be discussed.  With respect to process fault-tolerance we are at the prototyping phase, and with respect to support for checkpoint/restart we have concluded that it does not make sense to standardize.  What I propose to do is before each schedule call see if there is anything specific people want to discuss (new use cases, new topics, etc.) and hold the call only if there are specifics to discuss.  I am sure that with working prototypes, activity will resume full force.  So, this is a call for items to be discussed tomorrow, 4/22/2009.  Please let me know by close of business 4/21/2009 if you have items to discuss - I will also take items from Europe and Asia early 4/22 US time.

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