[Mpi3-ft] Summary of today's call

Edgar Gabriel gabriel at cs.uh.edu
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the section on fault-handling on the wiki does not mention error 
classes. Do we want to address that, i.e. does the concept make sense 
and we suggest to keep it, do we modify the concept since the original 
idea and its benefits are not entirely clear or do we want to get rid of 
error classes?

second, if I remember right, MPI_FILE_NULL has a different default error 
handler than MPI_COMM_WORLD. Do we want to mention somewhere in the 
document, that different objects might have different default error 
handlers attached? You have a distinction between COMM_WORLD and 
COMM_SELF -- which is good, but maybe we should explicitly mention other 
objects as well...


Supalov, Alexander wrote:
> Dear Rich,
> Thanks. We had a scheduled site maintenance and my phone connection was
> terminated for some reason. Sorry for that.
> Sure, I can take on fleshing out the rest of the fault handling
> proposal. I invite everybody to contribute to the respective Wiki page
> in the meantime (see
> http://svn.mpi-forum.org/trac/mpi-forum-web/wiki/Fault%20Handling),
> and/or send comments to me or this list.
> Best regards.
> Alexander
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> Here is a summary of the action items from today's call:
>  - The consumer/producer scenario is ready for discussion before the
> full
> forum, once we have nailed down the approach to error handling within
> MPI.
> The plan is for Edgar to bring this to the full forum for discussion at
> the
> April meeting.
>  - The approach to error handling is almost ready to bring to the full
> forum.  Several items came up in today's call (async notification and
> handler stacking) that still need to be fleshed out and fully defined.
> Alexander, since you were kicked off the call - would you be willing to
> coordinate getting this ready for discussion in the full forum setting
> at
> the April meeting ?  We should discuss this again an the call in 2 weeks
> (4/11/2008) and go over the remaining items.
>  - Josh will work with ? to get the proposal for non-blocking dynamic
> process creation ready to go.  We should aim to continue discussions on
> this
> next time, but this may not be ready by the April meeting.  If the forum
> is
> amenable to this proposal, it should be integrated with the rest of
> dynamic
> process control chapter.
> Also, time permitting we will discuss the data piggy backing proposal on
> the
> next call.
> What did I forget?
> Rich
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